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Steroid/PED Videos

Video has the ability to bring to life issues that might  often be overlooked in print.  One of those issues is the epidemic of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in our culture  - especially among young people.  


Following are several important videos that explore the dangers of PEDs  in sports and otherwise. 

Andre the Giant on Steroids

Steroids:  The Common Physical Effects of Steroid Use

An Exclusive Interview with Jim Evans at the 2012 IFPA Pro International

Steroid Use by Teens is Especially Dangerous

Steve Reeves talks about steroids in bodybuilding

Ron Williams:

Healing the Soul Wounds

Faith and Fat Loss

Do Faith and Fat Loss Go Together - Part I

Ron Williams, Natural Bodybuilding Champion on CBN-TV

Ron Williams Intro Video Trainer

Overcoming Wounds to Become a Champion

Do Faith and Fat Loss Go Together - Part II

The Internet: The New Playground for Illegal Steroids


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